Elk Antler with Black Emerald Opal and Copper inlay


Elk Antler with Black Emerald Opal and Copper inlay

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Bentwood ring made from Elk or Deer Antler with Opal and copper or silver inlay.  These rings are custom made take about 4 weeks and you can choose various inlay for the opal and the metal.

Rings made from bone are not super strong.  I will add a few strands of stainless steel wire below the opal inlay to give it more strength.    Ideal for both men and women, as a wedding rings, promise rings, birthday gifts, or just for yourself just because.

We coat our rings with multiple layers of polished CA finish (super glue).  All of our antler rings are sanded to size and polished to a smooth, glass feel to the touch.

These rings are made to order from sizes 6-15 and all regular sizes in between. Ring widths are 8mm and 10mm. If you are not sure about your size, we do offer ring sizing ring sets for sale.

Each ring is custom made so please be sure of the correct sizing.  It’s important to remember that a wide ring fits differently than regular metal ring that are generally much thinner.

What you get.
Purchase of this item includes ring box with a care card and a custom handmade ring.  In addition, if your ring starts to wear or loss it’s protective coating you can return the ring to me with return postage, I’ll clean the ring and apply another coat of CA glue.

Avoid using harsh soaps on the ring which may cause it to discolor or wear the finish. When washing use a gentle hand soap that does not dry out your skin when used. These rings are not indestructible and should not be worn when you are working with your hands in the garden or other places where the ring can get banged or scratched. Do not put acetone on the ring as it will dissolve the coating.

Antler is organic and it’s colour will change over time.  As each ring is individually made from various parts of the antler it will look close to the image on the screen but not exactly.

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